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From 1 October 2019 you will be able to buy shares in The Swan. This offer will be open for just over 6 weeks as the share offer will close on the 15 November 2019. We have come so far but the project still needs you to make this work. This project is all about our rural village taking control of our own assets which may have been lost without intervention, specifically the historical Swan which has been the beating heart at the centre of the village for longer than we have all been here. 


Buying a share will mean that you will become a co-owner of one of Scotland’s first ever community owned and run pubs and you will be saving your community’s centre asset, making it better and fit to serve the village needs. Let’s not forget this model has been tried and tested in England with a success rate of 97%. 


So without hesitation we need you to invest as much as you can, this offer is open to villagers and anyone out with the village but a minimum of 51% of shareholders must be within our village catchment area set out in the offer. Please take the time to read our share offer which includes what funds we have received so far and what we still need.  

You can also view our detailed business plan if you like.  All the facts and figures are within the share offer which covers any risk factors of your investment as we like to be transparent.  We are aiming for £60,000 as a target which we really need, but there is a lower figure set of £25,000 which we could scrape through with and if we don’t hit the minimum then the share will not go ahead which will jeopardise the reopening of the Swan. We have been very gifted to receive in excess of £1,200,000 of funding towards helping our Swan but your village still needs you.  

Our share offer has now closed which was a success, however, should you still wish to become a member you can still do so by filling in the below membership form.

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